The Madeley Vanity Case :

Paul Boulton - Designer & Founder

The idea of Madeley Yorkshire came to me through inheriting my step-father’s beautiful English heritage-style suitcase; its quality, its timeless design and the condition it found itself in - even after over 60 years of use. I then wanted to explore the possibility of re-making it and re-introducing it to the contemporary-market, as there was nothing I’d seen available today that resembled the unique design and quality. 

This was how Madeley Yorkshire was born. 

The story of Peter Madeley.

 Peter Madeley was a regular traveller to France where he used his British-made, leather suitcase on all journeys. He was a childhood friend of my mother (Jo Carlyle) - after World War 2 lives took different directions.

Peter and Jo’s paths crossed again in 1990 and forged a new life together, re-kindling their childhood friendship. They were married in 1992.

All this time Peter still used his 1940’s English suitcase and continued to use it for holidays, mainly in France with Jo. 

Peter passed away in 1998.

After Peter’s death, Jo moved to Harrogate to be near myself and my brother Nick. This was when she decided to pass Peter’s case on to me. 

Jo’s maiden name “Carlyle” is a descendant of Sir Thomas Carlyle - famous Scottish philosopher and historian of the late 18th century.  As a mark of recognition to the Carlyle family-connection, it was decided the brand should use a Scottish tartan-lining as part of the Madeley brand symbol.

Every Madeley product we make Is steeped in this history.